Starting this year we offer everyone the opportunity to visit seven islands in seven days, embarking in one port and disembarking in another between Marina di Nettuno (Rome) and Marina d'Arechi (Salerno), without having to go back at the starting point.

We are the first company in Italy to promote this service, there are no supplements for this type of itinerary that allows to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Pontine Islands (Ponza, Palmarola and Ventotene), Phlegrean (Ischia, Procida and Capri) and the Amalfi Coast in a single itinerary. 


Both the bases are well connected to each other by railway stations, airports and highways and in each of the two bases we will provide complete assistance to the customer, from the moment of booking until the end of the holiday with our direct staff.

The charm of a cruise of a week at least, among the most beautiful islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea, spectacular landscapes, flavors and scents, unique atmospheres that evoke ancestral memories related to the history of the Roman Empire.

Considered not only the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, but among the most beautiful in the world. Landscapes such as the "Cathedral" are few but beautiful beaches enclosed by spectacular rocky walls, the approach to numerous caves and the great experience of exploring its depths. The environmental importance of the island has led to the creation of a nature reserve that protects its precious uncontaminated nature.

  30 M

The island is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a clear and uncrowded sea, in addition to the beautiful beaches the island offers the possibility of diving, trips to discover caves and extraordinary landscapes. Among these Chiaia di Luna, the Faraglioni of the Madonna and the Faraglioni of Lucia Rosa. Do not miss a view of the Piscine Naturali and the Grotte di Pilato, built by the Romans for the breeding of morays.

  5 M

A perfect destination for lovers of the sea in search of tranquility. Almost deserted coves, country roads crossed almost exclusively by bikes and electric cars, tastes and cuisine of fishermen. Of volcanic origin, crystalline and limpid waters, it is the ideal place for those who want a holiday in close contact with nature.

  22 M

The thermal riches of Spiaggia dei Maronti, the Movida of the beach of Cava dell'Isola, not far from the bay of Citara and the Scogli Innamorati: it is a free beach, frequented by young people. If you want to live a truly unique experience, we recommend a swim at night in the bay of Sorgeto: plunge into the warm water, in the moonlight will certainly be unforgettable!

  20 M

The island is a real color palette in the middle of the sea. The small harbor dotted with multicolored small houses of Marina Grande is worth a visit; the historic village of 1500 of Terra Murata; Marina della Corricella, a seaside village famous for the filming of "Il Postino" and the beaches of Ciraccio and Pozzo Vecchio.

  2 M

Capri continues to be, still today, a privileged destination for travelers, intellectuals and personalities of the world jet set. Famous, beautiful: unmissable. Capri offers nature in its best form: the beaches of Marina Grande, the Faraglioni, La Grotta Azzurra, to be seen, to be savored!

  2 m

Famous for shopping and for the typical "stairways" that connect the upper part of the city to the beach; walk along the Path of lovers from the Grande Beach to Fornillo beach. On the coast of Positano there were splendid villas during the Roman period, as evidenced by some remains.

  12 M

From the ninth century it was the first Italian Maritime Republic, together with Genoa, Pisa and Venice. As usual, the regatta of the ancient maritime republics takes place in Amalfi, between May and July. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to the Cathedral of Amalfi in Arab-Sicilian style is a must, which is certainly the most representative monument, a place of worship and a pillar of the Amalfi panorama.

 7 M


 Marina di Nettuno box Jeanneau/Prestige

 00048 Nettuno (RM)