The Cilento is one of the most beautiful areas of Campania and is worth visiting for both the landscape of the hinterland, both for the beautiful coastline of blue waters, deep and pristine.

Castellabate is a town famous internationally for its huge historical and archaeological heritage, its beautiful gulf and long golden beaches. Castellabate offers the possibility of beaches and services for bathing tourism in the many localities: Santa Maria with the beach of Pozzillo and the central Marina Piccola are tourist sites par excellence.

  10 m

Acciaroli is characterized by small fishing villages, but also by the imposing Church of Santa Maria dell'Acciarolo dated 1187. Along the coast are the numerous beaches of the area, both beaches and free beaches, the houses are built of stone directly into the rock.

  11 m

Capo Palinuro, stretching out into the sea with its extraordinary pentadactyl shape, is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the whole of Campania, with its rocks falling vertically into the sea for over 50 meters. But the real treasure is below sea level: 32 caves, a paradise for divers, of which the most important are the Blue Grotto, the Silver Cave and the Sulphurous Cave, which contains a source of sulphurous water.

  15 m

Very popular with tourists, it is rich in breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters. Cala Bianca, among the most beautiful in Italy, is made up of rounded white pebbles. The Marina, located in a hidden cove, is reached every day by many tourists to go to this oasis of peace and relaxation, where the water is clear and of an intense celestial color. 

8 m

Sea caves, silent beaches and lush mountains that plunge into transparent waters where you can immerse yourself in clear waters, to admire the rich vegetation of the seabed. The village of Maratea has the typical beauty of small Mediterranean towns, with white houses and romantic squares. Over all dominates the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer, 21 meters high.

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 Marina di Nettuno box Jeanneau/Prestige

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