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Spectacular and incomparable, the island presents itself with a great variety of shapes. Sardinia is a surprising collection of naturalistic diversity. The south coast of Corsica, together with the turquoise and transparent sea, the immense granite peaks, form one of the most surprising areas of the island.

To the North, between Alghero and Olbia you will find a rich alternation of inlets and beaches and the landscape is predominantly rocky. A fantastic journey along the jagged northern coast of Sardinia, where nature has been shaped admirably by a civilization that has its roots in the cultures of the first Mediterranean peoples.

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In the short stretch of sea of ​​the Bocche di Bonifacio that divides Sardinia from Corsica, there are a myriad of islands and islets, which form the archipelago of La Maddalena, considered an authentic masterpiece of nature.

The extreme southern coast of Caprera is a zone of accentuated weakness and morphological instability; a profound ingression of the sea forms the marvelous Porto Palma. The entire east coast of Caprera and the north are impressive granite cliffs almost inaccessible, of great beauty and charm, formed by the steepest slope of the long massif of Monte Teialone.

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Rondinara Beach: the white sandy beach, crystal clear sea and mountains overlooking the sea. Piantarella Beach: an absolutely unmissable destination: the pink granite rocks emerge from the transparent water, with the particular limestone white color due to marine erosions, rain and wind. Balistra Beach: it is a very long beach, extraordinarily fascinating but not very well known: this makes it an unmissable destination for the lucky few, especially for those who access it by sea.


 Marina di Nettuno box Jeanneau/Prestige

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